Journal Software

Journal software for the serious Journal Keeper.

Alpha Journal Pro makes keeping a diary/journal simple but has advanced features to keep even the most demanding users happy. Alpha Journal Pro stores your daily and free-form entries in a single encrypted database that is only accessible using the user defined password. Use advanced search options to filter your entries by a word or phrase, synchronize with multiple journal databases, even print and export your entries. For more advanced use, Alpha Journal supports mutiple users who can control access to specific entries or groups of entries. It's perfect of a personal diary, a business log or a client history tracker.

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Personal Diary Software

Personal diary software to keep a simple, secure diary on your computer.

My Personal Diary makes keeping a diary simple. Keep track of day to day activities, throughs, dreams, feelings, goals, ideas and important event. Include embedded pictures to capture special memories. Use advanced search options to filter your entries by a word or phrase.

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Canned Response Software

Canned response software for fast, efficient re-use of commonly used text.

Alpha Key Saver makes it easy to reply to email and support requests by allowing you to store commonly used canned responses then insert them with a keystroke or mouse action. Eliminate unnecessary typing, avoid spelling mistakes and increase consistency.

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