By purchasing from us you agree to the following terms.

Our online order process is designed to provide you with your license information shortly after you place your order. Your license information is usually displayed on the confirmation page immediately and then sent by email within minutes of completing your order. There are many factors that determine how long it takes for processing and for an email to arrive. We make no guarantee about the exact time it will take to received your license information. For orders placed by check or money order, your license information is sent within 5 business days. If you need a license immediately please contact us before placing the order. During normal business hours we can provide you with an ID code almost immediately.

Once your order is processed you will receive the following:

1. LICENSE INFORMATION/FULL DOWNLOAD - Once your order is processed you will receive an email containing your license information and a link to download the full version when required. Depending on the product you purchase, you either enter your license information into the trial version to convert it to the full version or you download and install the full version then use your license information to register it. Specific instructions are sent with your license information. Either way, it is a very simple process.

2. UPDATES - Licensed users are entitled to free updates for one year from the date of purchase. The software does not expire and can be used as long as you want even after the update period is over. You can extend your update period for a nominal maintenance fee after your update period is over.

3. PRIORITY TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Licensed users are given top priority for technical support by email.

4. OPTIONAL CD - Sent if you indicated on the order form that you wanted one shipped for an additional S&H charge.


Once your order has been processed, payment is due in full. The use of credit card disputes, charge backs, cancelled or bad checks to stop or return payment is considered fraud and is illegal. All attempts to stop payment are defended to the maximum extent allowed by law.

We offer a free trial version of all our products. Each trial version is fully functional with the exception of minor limitations and is designed to allow you to fully evaluate the product before you need to purchase it.  We encourage you to evaluate the software before purchasing a license.

Once you use your license information to activate the software the sale is final and no refund will be granted.

NOTE: "Evaluate" does not necessarily mean the same as "use." Our trials allows you to design and print designs with a small watermark on each. This stops you from printing designs for actual use but still allows you to evaluate the software and the printout quality. If you feel you need to see more features before purchasing a license please contact us.