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Alpha Journal Pro
CD Version  
                     [What's Included The Backup and Bonus CD includes the following:
  • Install files for all products
  • Spelling dictionaries for many languages.
  • Thesaurus and Organizer add-ons.

  • Free copy of CAM UnZip for personal use.

  • Peace of mind knowing you have an offline backup.
If you purchase a license with the CD, your license information will still be sent to you by email so you can start using the download version immediately. The CD is free with a license purchase, $3 USD alone, and there is a $9.95 USD S&H charge. The S&H charge for the CD does NOT include a license to use the software.

Purchasing a license lets you:

  • Create an unlimited number of entries.
  • Change the master password.
  • Install the Thesaurus and Organizer Add-Ons.
  • Get priority technical support and free minor updates.
  • Eliminate the trial reminder.
  • And more...