Business Card Software
$29.95 USD

Business card software to design and print great looking business cards! Business Card Designer Plus supports all types of business card paper stock, including double sided, photo quality, folded and cd-r business cards. The Design Wizard guides you through the entire design process making business card creation a simple and fast process. With Cloud Gallery integration you can select from an ever-growing selection of pre-designed business card templates or create a new business card from scratch, using your own graphics, text and other objects. Either way, create professional, functional business cards in just a few minutes then print them yourself or have them printed professionally.

Label Making Software
$39.95 USD

Label software for all your labeling needs! Label Designer Plus DELUXE allows you to create address labels, mailing labels, shipping labels, DVD labels, CD labels, blu-ray disk labels, bottle labels, post cards, envelopes, name badges, and labels for your audio tapes and file folders. Use a database as a data source with support for all databases including Excel, CSV, Access, SQL, Paradox, DBase and more. Support for all popular bar codes, inluding PostNet, Intellegent US Postal bar codes for mailing and QR and other 2 dimensional bar codes.

Business Card and Label Making Software All in One
$59.95 USD

One complete and powerful software product for all your business card and label needs! Print Designer GOLD combines our label and business card products into one advanced product with additional support for full page designs and linked images. Create business cards and all types of address labels, mail labels, bottle labels, media labels, DC labels, DVD labels, blu-ray disk labels, post cards, envelopes, signs, badges and more. Add PostNet, Intelligent US Postal bar codes to your mailings as well as many other bar codes, including QR and PDF 417 2 dimensional bar codes. Use a database as a data source with support for all databases including Excel, CSV, Access, SQL, Paradox, DBase and more.

Journal Software
$39.95 USD

Alpha Journal Pro to keep a secure diary/journal on your computer. Our journal software makes keeping a diary/journal simple but has advanced features to keep even the most demanding users happy. Alpha Journal Pro stores your daily and free-form entries in a single encrypted database that is only accessible using the user defined password. Use advanced search options to filter your entries by a word or phrase, synchronize with multiple journal databases, even print and export your entries. For more advanced use, Alpha Journal supports mutiple users who can control access to specific entries or groups of entries. It's perfect of a personal diary, a business log or a client history tracker.