With My Personal Diary, it could not be simpler to start keeping a personal diary.  Once your diary database is created you simply start My Personal Diary and start typing.  The current date's entry is loaded automatically. Missed a day?  No problem.  Just select the date on the calendar and type your entry for that date.  You can select any date to view and/or create or edit the entry for that date.

Quick Links:

Look Back on Previous Years Entries with Ease

The Previous Years Entry Panel shows you what was written on the same day for the last several years.  It's a great way to look back to see what was going on and how things have changed.

Flexible Printing

Print and/or preview any or all entries with or without entry dates added.  You can select which entries to print or use the results of a search.  Entries can be printed back to back or each starting on a new page.  You can specify page options including orientation, header, footer, margins and page numbering.

Easily Browse Entries by Date or Entry

Move forward or backward by day, month or year or by existing entry.  Jump to the first or last entry or to any other date with just a few clicks.  Dates that have entries are shown in bold to make identifying them easy.

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Other Great Features in My Personal Diary


The portable install option allows you to install to a USB flash drive or removable hard drive so you can access your diary from any computer without leaving a trace behind.  You can even host your diary database on a cloud drive (Dropbox, Onedrive, Google drive, etc.) for a truly portable experience.

Built-in Organizer

The Organizer includes a Password Vault to securely store account information and passwords, an Address Book to store contact information and a To-Do List to track thing that need to be done.

Spell Checker and Thesaurus

The built-in spell checker and thesaurus add-on keeps you on your toes for spelling and grammar perfect entries.  We offer spelling dictionaries for many languages.