Possibly one of the most obvious characteristics of the do-it-yourself business cards is the perforated edges from store bought Business Card stock. We have several solutions for this dilemma for use with our business card printing software, Business Card Designer Plus and Print Designer Gold.

Some companies sell Clean Edge Business Card stock. Using this card stock in Business Card Designer Plus or Print Designer Gold is no different from using stock with perforated edges. All you need to do is select the pre-designed layout for the clean edge business stock. If your brand of business card stock is not listed, don't worry you can create a new layout from an existing one that is similar!

A more versatile option, if you have a paper cutter, is to use heavy card stock preferably 60-lb or higher. The only difference in using this paper stock would be to set one of the two Print Options in the Print Dialog Screen, Print Crop Marks or Print Corner Marks. This will help guide you in cutting the paper. With the wide variety of paper choices on the market today you can have virtually any type of business card with this option.

Our business card software is an extremely versatile product. We offer hundreds of templates that can enable you to create your card in a matter of seconds. If you want to change the card, you have complete control in doing so. We also offer thousands of backgrounds, textures, clipart and text effects for use in your business card. We even offer graphic effect tools for your images in our printing software! Our built-in database is great for printing business cards for some or all of your employees.

What could be better than purchasing our product for a one-time fee and being able to print your business cards at will. Hire new employees/need a few extra business cards, now there's no wait time! Even if you are looking for those professional cards but want to design the business cards yourself, we've taken care of that also. Design your business card or cd-r business card, save it and bring it or email to your favorite print shop!

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