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Software to Make Great Business Cards

Our business card software allows you to create high quality, fully customizable business card designs then print them yourself or export them for professional printing.

  • Thousands of templates available through the Cloud Template Gallery™ for general and industry specific use. Sample Business Cards

  • Completely customizable. Start with a business card template or a blank design then add/edit text, graphics, backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc.

  • All US letter and A4 international paper stock and card sizes supported, including stock from Avery® and other manufacturers.

  • Support for all business card styles including wide, tall, double sided, photo quality (full bleed), folded & CD business cards.

  • Works on any computer with Windows 10 8.1 8 7 Vista XP.

"Business Card Designer Plus is the best business card design software program I have seen, and I have seen lots."

- Joe Tex, Shareware Junkies

"I was amazed to see a reply to my question within an hour after I sent it. Usually it takes 1-2 days to get a reply from others. You guys are great!"

- Sara Peters, U.K.

"I use Business Card Designer Plus to create business cards for my staff. I love the product because it saves me a fortune in print shop costs."

- Bill Nanders, Chicago USA

Why Our Business Card Software Is Better...

Create Great Business Cards Quickly and Easily

Create a great looking business card from a template in seconds, create a blank business card and design it yourself or import an image of an existing business card.

Outstanding Software Support

We're always here to help you if you have any questions and we answer all support requests quickly. If you have a feature request or other idea, let us know and we'll consider it for the next release.

Make Any Style Business Card on Any Paper Stock

Wide, tall, double sided, photo quality (full bleed), folded and CD business card templates are all included. Print to ANY paper stock from Avery and other manufacturers or define your own.

Customize All Aspects of Your Business Card

Add text and graphics anywhere your want. Vary colors in backgrounds, images and text in any template in our business card maker software to create business cards that are just right for you.

Use Pictures, Logos and Clipart in Your Business Card

With our business card software you can choose from over 50,000 clipart images in the Cloud Picture Gallery™ or include your own pictures so your business card is as unique as your are. All standard formats are supported and you can even scan a picture directly into your design.

Print Yourself or Export for Professional Printing

Print to any printer or save your business card as an image and send it to any print shop to have your custom business cards printed professionally.

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What Others are Saying about our Business Card Software...

"I love how easy the business card software is to use! I have tried many other business card making programs and nothing compares to yours."

"You have been the most helpful support for a system I have ever had, thank you very much Chris, You just saved my neck. If you are ever going to Spain just tell me."

"With the Excellent Customer Service that goes with a really easy to use business card program you can be sure I will be upgrading soon."

"The Design Wizard is a great place to start when creating a new business card. It's simple, easy and I can have a card up and running in 2 minutes! With 50 employees it's a godsend."

"I have many employees that I create business cards for and the Personal Database and Save as Template are the best features. It saves so much time when I need to make new business card."

"I absolutely love the new shapes and gradient fills in this business card designer. I upgraded my version even though I bought it last year. Keep up the good work!"

"I downloaded several business card programs and either they were too simple or too difficult to use. Yours was just the right fit for us. You had all the features we were looking for and it was very easy to use." "How can you sell such great business card maker software for so cheap? I recommend it to everyone I know!"

"I loved the fact that your business card maker software has a trial version and then when I bought it I almost immediately got my Registration ID and didn't have to re-download a different version."

"I was very impressed that you took the time to help me fix my graphic problems with my business card, for FREE. Not many companies take the time any more to help out their end users. Kudos to you!"

"I like to create a wild business card and love the new text tools you added! I was pleased to see the new version released. I have been using your products for many years and have come to trust them. Unlike other companies you are constantly updating your software so I know will will be able to use them with the latest versions of Windows today, and in the future. Great Job."

"The texture and gradient fill support for text lets me print some really cool looking text. I have not been able to find this in any other business card software."

"I am very impressed with the graphics support in your Business Card Designer Plus product. I was able to include some very complex images with no problems at all. And with support for so many of the popular formats I did not have to convert any of my images. Keep up the good work."

"The Design Wizard is a work of genius! I've created a template that I base each employees card on. To create a card for a new employee I simply choose the template, enter the employee's information (BTW the database of users is another great feature) and click Finish. It could not be easier."

"Simply the best business card software available!"

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