New in build 23.5.0


  • Bug fixes and layout updates



New in build 22.11.0


  • Openclipart support is back on the Pick Picture screen
  • Basic integration with the web app (
  • Business card template now show for square business cards in gallery.
  • Windows 11 compatibility update
  • Minor bug fixes and updates



New in build 22.1.0


  • Windows 11 support
  • Square business card support
  • Improvements to barcodes, including the ability to scale them freely and better text quality.
  • New buttons with drop down menus for quick access to common commands.
  • Option to use standard Windows file open dialog or new Design Libarary screen.
  • Various improvements to the Design Library screen, including the ability to hide thumbnails and remember settings.
  • Bugfix: When choosing Edit Properties on centext menu display was not updated and undo was not set.



New in build 21.6.0


  • Handled error when invalid last used path saved in open design screen.



New in build 21.4.0


  • All new Open screen with multiple design preview and search.
  • You can now drag and drop images directly into a business card.
  • Blank button in Design Wizard to skip directly to blank business card template.
  • Updated layouts.
  • Bug fixes.



New in build 20.1.0


  • Added code to detect Windows 10's Controlled Folder Access and workaround.
  • Fixed bug causing crash after Design Wizard when Documents folder is blocked.



New in build 19.9.0


  • Native support for Excel files - No drivers needed anymore!
  • Tweaks and bug fixes.



New in build 19.0.0


  • Various UI improvments.
  • Added multiple layouts.
  • Removed outdated business card templates.
  • Added Edit Properties command.



New in V12 (build 060)


  • Added multiple layouts as requested by users.
  • 2018 update.



New in V12 (build 050)


  • Added barcodes: GTIN-14/EAN-14, SSCC-18/EAN-18, GS1-128/EAN-128, SCC-14/ITF-14.
  • Corrected on-screen scaling of barcodes when zoomed.
  • Allow spaces in human readable barcode text for formatting.
  • Fixed problem introduced in Windows Anniversary update affecting drag rectangle drawing and position when display adapter screen scaling not 100%
  • Fixed grid settings change not taking effect until re-opening design.



New in V12 (build 040)


  • Corrected default layout name when creating standard cards.
  • Removed confusing gallery link in Design Wizard
  • Minor bug fixes



New in V12 (build 030)


  • Option to save print options for each card
  • Smaller QR code size.
  • Option to show all templates in Design Wizard.
  • Improved look on Windows 10.
  • Minor bug fixes



New in V12 (build 020)


  • Improved address book - Sort by last name, first name, company / Alphabetical jump buttons
  • Prompt to scale design when switching or adjusting layout.
  • Option to disable double-click editing.
  • Minor bug fixes



New in V12


This is a major upgrade that includes Windows 10 support and new features and improvements, including:


  • Improved templates
  • Access to the latest template and clipart galleries
  • Updated layouts for Avery, and other manufacturers
  • New property screens for each type of object (text, shape, line, bar code, counter, etc.)