Lets face it, your business card is one of your most valuable marketing tools. You wouldn't look too professional if you pulled out a piece of paper and wrote your business information on that, now would you?

Creating a flashy yet informational business card will do the trick in getting someone interested in your business.

Our business card making software and printing software can help you achieve a striking business card that will catch a lot of attention. Business Card Designer Plus and Print Designer Gold offer a multitude of features ranging from simple text and shape manipulation to 11 image effects some of those which include cropping, rotate, negative and erode. We offer hundreds of generic and specific use business card templates which are updated often and reflect what our users are interested in putting in their cards.

Below are some ideas to get you started on creating your business card.

  • When creating your card make sure you have the minimum amount of information on your card. Those pieces of information include: Individual name and/or Business Name, Title or job description and contact information (whether it be phone, fax, email, website, mailing address, etc, or all of them).
  • Try and stay with a symmetrical layout so the card is easy to read.
  • The most common format for a business card is the horizontal position.
  • Try and keep your business card specific to your style of business. If you are a graphic artist you may have a flashy, creative business card, whereas if you are an accountant you may have a more subdued business card.
  • Don't create a plain black and white card, add a bit of color but not too much. If you don't have any graphics try using two colors. If you are using an image/photograph as the background in your business card make sure that you can easily identify your information.
  • Think about using your image/photograph on 1/3 or 1/2 of your business card to make it easier to read.
  • Make sure your font size is readable.
  • The key point is to tailor your business card to your type of business and style. This way it will be remembered.

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