When you think of a business card, what do you envision? A small paper rectangle with a company logo, name, address and phone number. That's exactly what a business card is, but did you know that different areas of the world uses different size business cards?

The United States uses a 3.5 inch by 2 inch card as the standard. Other countries that conform to the metric system use cards anywhere from 80mm to 100 mm by 50mm to 60mm. Our business card software supports them all!

Those dimensions refer to the finished size of the business card. The actual cards on the sheet can be the same as the finished size or slightly bigger to account for bleeding over the edge. These are normally referred to as photo quality business cards and allows the entire background of the business card to be filled, avoiding any blank strips around the edge due to inevitable printer alignment issues. Setting this all up can be a confusion task that can waste a lot of very expensive business card paper stock. Our business card software makes the selection and printing of any size business card as simple as picking it from a list.

No matter what size you need our business card software makes it easy. Use the Design Wizard to select the size card you want, select a template and enter your personal details and a business card is created for you. You can even start with a blank business card in the size you choose then add whatever you want to it.

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