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What is Business Card Software?

What is Business Card Software? Well, if you search online you will find that the search results in links to software that is used to design and print a custom business card. There are virtually dozens, if not more, business card software packages available for sale online these days. There are even a least a few retail software products for creating business cards on the shelf in every store that sells office supplies or electronic equipment. All these products are very similar with each having some unique options and templates. Most are limited to using clipart, graphics and templates that are included with no means of importing or editing your own and only work for creating a standard US (2 inch by 3.5 inch) business card. That is where our business card software is different...

With our business card software, Business Card Designer Plus, you can create standard US and metric cards, vertical, folded, photo quality and even cd-r business cards. You can choose from the variety of included backgrounds, logos, images, textures and templates or create a blank card and add your own graphics. Our business card software is extremely flexible and we do not limit you to only what is included. You can start with one of our business card templates then customize every aspect of it to make it your own. You can even save it as a new template for easy re-use later or for another person, such as an employee.

If you do have a lot of unique business card ideas, Business Card Designer Plus is the business card software that will help you make them come to life.