The US Postal Service (USPS) has adopted the Intelligent Mail Bar Code (IMBC) for use in the USPS mail stream. It is also known as the USPS 4-State Customer Barcode, the OneCodeSOLUTION Barcode and abbreviated in a number of ways including: OneCode (4CB), OneCode (4-CB), IM barcode, 4CB or 4-CB in this and other documents.

IMBC is the new standard for postal bar codes on mail pieces. It replaces and extends the PostNet specification that is used to encode ZIP and ZIP+4 code information on packages. The new specification uses a longer code that can include ZIP codes, tracking information and more.

With our mailing label software you can easily include IMBC codes on your envelopes, address labels and shipping labels. It's just a matter of entering the proper numbers into the barcode text fields. This can be done manually, as in the case of a single envelope or label, or the numbers can be obtained from a linked database, using one or more fields. This is useful for bulk mailing and order fulfillment shipping.

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