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I lost my license information (name and id code). What can I do?

Settings are not being saved and/or the program crashes.

How to re-install after a crash or purchasing a new computer?

What will I receive when I purchase a license?

How secure is the online order process?

My license information does not work. What should I do?

I just purchased but did not receive my license information. Why?

If I purchase a single user license can I install on more than one computer?

I sent a message but have not received a response. Why?


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Creating Labels or Envelopes from the Built-in Address Book


This tutorial shows you how to create a label or envelope that will print addresses from the built-in address book in just a few clicks.


Manually Creating a Label Containing Fields from a Database


This tutorial shows you how to create a label with fields from any database, including an Excel XLS, XLSX, CSV, Access file.


Inserting Multiple Fields in a Single Text Object - Method 1.


This tutorial shows you how to insert multiple database fields into a single text object using the Build Field Wizard.


Insert a Rich Text Object with Formatting.


This tutorial shows you how to insert rich formatted text object into a design. Rich text can include formatting on a character by character basis, as opposed to a plain text object where all the text within it is formatted the same.