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label and envelope software for address shipping cd dvd file folder bottle labels, envelopes, post cards

Label Software for
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Design, Create & print labels for personal, hobby or office and business use.

  • Make great looking office labels, mail address labels, envelopes, post cards, bar code product labels, jar & bottle labels, beer labels, wine labels, nutrition labels, CD/DVD's, tickets, name tags, file folders and more..

  • Support for ANY label on Letter or A4 size paper from Avery® and others. You can even define your own labels and add new labels as needed.

  • Merge from any database including Excel, TXT, CSV, Access to create address and product labels.

  • Print labels with bar codes including US postal codes, QR, UPC, EAN, PDF417, Code 128, Code 39, Code 25.

  • Add your own pictures and clipart.

NOTE: This software is an alternative to MyLabel Designer Deluxe from Avanquest® Software. It is similar, but not the same product.


Design Labels Fast

Use the Design Wizard to create a great looking custom label from a label template in seconds.

Support for Any Label or Card Stock

Design US size, metric size or custom size post cards, labels, envelopes, badges, tickets, id cards, signs and more, plus direct CD/DVD printing on Epson, HP, Canon and other printers.

Support for Any database

Link your labels to the built-in address book, Text, CSV, Excel, Access, DBase, SQL database or any external database through ADO or ODBC.

Bar Codes, Counters and Text Effects

Draw spiral, radial, arc and variable size text. Change the font, size, color, style, shadow rotation and blending. Mix fonts, styles and colors of text within a single text object for rich text on your business card. You can even display text as a bar code, an auto-increment counter or the current date and/or time stamp.

Custom Label Printing Options

Print any number of labels starting at any position on the sheet or specify individual positions to print.

Use Pictures, Clipart and Logos in Your Labels

Use your own images so your labels are as unique as your are. All standard formats are supported and you can even scan an image directly into your label.

Outstanding Software Support

We're always here to help you if you have any questions and we answer all support requests quickly. If you have a feature request or other idea, let us know and we'll consider it for the next release.

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What People are Saying about our Label Software

"I am a computer dummy and am stunned by your label software. The download, installation and functionality is so simple. I was so happy to find a piece of software that wasn't going to give me problems. - William Hasback, USA"

"I emailed a support question (I hadn't purchased the software yet) and got an immediate response from your team. I was very happy to find a company that takes care of everyone. I purchased that same day. - John Kline, U.K."

"I love the database support. I linked my labels to my database containing addresses and was able to print a complete set of address labels in under 5 minutes. - Buddy Colins, Canada"

"After downloading and trying probably 10+ label making software programs, wasting many hours, this is the first one I struck where (1) my unusual - and I thought reasonable - requirements actually worked and (2) I was productive within 10 minutes."

"Great label printing software, very versatile."

"I love being able to make my own layouts and to tweak others. You really make it simple and straight-forward."

"I make all different kinds of labels for my DJ business. I'm very happy to have found your labelling software which has databases which let me store customer and music information for ease of printing."

"I was very impressed that you took the time to look at my suggestions and implement them into your label maker software. It's nice to know that there are companies who take into consideration what the users want. You will have me as a customer for life!"

"I usually don't buy software, but found yours and realized how much I really needed it. Not only for printing labels, but the address database too."

"Label Designer Plus DELUXE is the best label software I have found."

"Your label designer works great for printing all the labels I use in my home business and it is a real bargain. Most other label design software costs more than this and cannot be adapted to as many uses as this can."