New in build 21.6.0 - 06-21-2021


  • Handled error when invalid last used path saved in open design screen.



New in build 21.4.0 - 04-30-2021


  • All new Open screen with multiple design preview and search.
  • You can now drag and drop images directly into a label.
  • Blank button in Design Wizard to skip directly to blank label template.
  • New address and shipping label templates.
  • Updated label layouts.
  • Bug fixes.



New in build 20.1.0 - 01-14-2020


  • Added code to detect Windows 10's Controlled Folder Access and workaround.
  • Fixed bug causing crash after Design Wizard when Documents folder is blocked.



New in build 19.9.0 - 09-18-2019


  • Native support for Excel files - No drivers needed anymore!
  • Tweaks and bug fixes.



New in build 19.0.0 - 01-27-2019


  • Database connection changes.
  • Various UI improvments.
  • Added multiple layouts.
  • Added Edit Properties command.



New in V12 (build 060) - 03-05-2018


  • Improved database connections to circumvent bugs in Windows 10 drivers.
  • Added multiple layouts as requested by users.
  • 2018 update.



New in V12 (build 050) - 12-11-2017


  • Added barcodes: GTIN-14/EAN-14, SSCC-18/EAN-18, GS1-128/EAN-128, SCC-14/ITF-14.
  • Corrected on-screen scaling of barcodes when zoomed.
  • Allow spaces in human readable barcode text for formatting.
  • Updated connection string to xls files to use ACE12 instead of older Jet driver (Windows update broke jet driver).
  • Fixed problem introduced in Windows Anniversary update affecting drag rectangle drawing and position when display adapter screen scaling not 100%
  • Fixed grid settings change not taking effect until re-opening design.



New in V12 (build 040) - 10-09-2017


  • Added support for sorting database fields with spaces in the field name.
  • Corrected default layout name when creating standard labels.
  • Removed confusing gallery link in Design Wizard
  • Minor bug fixes



New in V12 (build 030)


  • Option to save print options for each design
  • Smaller QR code size.
  • Option to show all templates in Design Wizard.
  • Improved template thumbnails for different size labels.
  • Improved look on Windows 10.
  • Minor bug fixes



New in V12 (build 020)


  • Improved address book - Sort by last name, first name, company / Alphabetical jump buttons
  • Prompt to scale design when switching or adjusting layout.
  • Option to disable double-click editing.
  • Minor bug fixes



New in V12 (build 010)


  • Number formatting in database fields
  • BUGFIX: Build Field Wizard was not properly enclosing db fields in {- -} markers



New in V12


This is a major upgrade that includes Windows 10 support and new features and improvements, including:


  • Number formatting in database fields
  • Improved templates
  • Access to the latest template and clipart galleries
  • Updated layouts for Avery, and other manufacturers
  • Easier address book linking to any address label, shipping label or envelope
  • New property screens for each type of object (text, shape, line, bar code, counter, etc.)





New in V11.6.2.0 (04-15-2015)


This update contains bug fixes and updates related to issues with Windows updates. If you are experiencing any type of access violation error or find that lines and shapes are not printing correctly, this update should resolve those issues. There is now also a "Fast Print" option on the Print Options screen that will greatly improve printing speed when printing a large number of business cards (Note: Transparent fills and some transparent graphics will not print on some printers with this option selected. If you use transparent fills or graphics leave this option unselected.)



New in V11.6.1.0 (11-14-2014)


This update fixes a few minor issues.



New in V11.6.0.0 (10-3-2014)


This update improves database support, adds support for color shifts in all templates and automatically scales labels when switching to different layouts. This is a free update to licensed users of V11 and a paid upgrade to licensed users of V10 and older.
  • The new Database Panel displays records in the linked database and allows you to easily select subsets for printing.
  • New and improved database linking error handling screens allows you to display solutions for common database errors online.
  • You can now shift the colors of background objects and icons for all templates in the Design Wizard.
  • When switching between different size labels all objects in the label are automatically scaled and re-positioned.



New in V11.5.1.0 (8-15-2014)


This is a minor update to workaround a problem introduced in a recent Windows Update. If outlines in shape and text objects are no longer visible this update will fix the problem. This is a free update to licensed users of V11 and a paid upgrade to licensed users of V10 and older.



New in V11.5.0.0 (7-22-2014)


This update improves just about every aspect of the program, and makes major improvements to the included templates and Design Wizard. This is a free update to licensed users of V11 and a paid upgrade to licensed users of V10 and older.
  • Design Wizard improvements that allows the color scheme of any template's text, background and icons to be changed.
  • Major improvements to printing on high resolution printers.
  • New Pick Picture screen that includes new effects and integration with the Cloud Picture Gallery.
  • Improvements to print preview to display better at all zoom levels.
  • Re-sampling and anti-aliasing of on-screen images and shapes on the design screen for better WYSIWYG.
  • Additional shape objects.



New in V11.3.0.0 (4-28-2014)


This is a minor update that fixes some minor issues with the V11.2 release, updates the UI to a more modern look and improves on the templates. This is a free update to licensed users of V11 and a paid upgrade to licensed users of V10 and older.
  • Updated all Cloud Gallery templates to 300 dpi backgrounds.
  • Updated all screens to a more modern and pleasing look.
  • Improved table selection when linking to Excel files with more than one sheet.
  • Fixed problem on some systems when opening a file from a shortcut icon.
  • Fixed a problem with templates saved from the Cloud Gallery being added by Label Designer Plus DELUXE if initially downloaded by Print Designer GOLD.



New in V11.2.0.0 (3-11-2014)


This is a minor update that fixes some issues with the V11.1 release and adds additional functionality. This is a free update to licensed users of V11 and a paid upgrade to licensed users of V10 and older.
  • Added QR Code label layouts/templates.
  • Added Views support for linked databases.  Now you can defined shared views of each linked database with filter/sort remembered.
  • Added Clear Cached Thumbnails button to Options screen in case thumbnails become out of sync.
  • Added the ability to have multiple layout files (for future use).
  • PDB import now allows data to be imported from any database, not just CSV files.
  • Fixed several minor issues.



New in V11.1.0.0 (1-21-2014)


This is a minor update that fixes some issues with the initial V11 release and adds additional functionality to the Cloud Gallery. This is a free update to licensed users of V11 and a paid upgrade to licensed users of V10 and older.
  • Added new Featured, Most Popular, Newest categories to the Cloud Gallery.
  • Added searching to the Cloud Gallery.
  • Added various templates to the Cloud Gallery.
  • Fixed envelope templates so when selected the address and return address data fields are available.
  • Fixed a problem with adding database fields and the Standard Address through the design wizard.
  • Other minor changes for better usability and Windows 8.1 support.



New in V11.0.0.0 (9-9-2013)


This is a major upgrade that includes integration with the Cloud Gallery, Windows 8 support, and other new features and improvements.  The major features are detailed below.

  • Cloud Gallery Integration
    • Built-in support for accessing the Cloud Gallery, which houses an incredible assortment templates that are dynamically updated.
    • Using a template from the Cloud Gallery is just as easy as using a pre-installed template.
    • Choose from a wide variety of templates, with more being added all the time.
    • NOTE:  There is an optional CD available that contains all the templates from the Cloud Gallery (at the time of creation) pre-installed.

  • Enhanced Database Support
    • Improved support for common database formats so linking your mail and address labels to a database is even easier.
    • Designs are now pre-linked to the built in Names and Addresses database by default.  Creating a label using data from this database is simply a matter of adding the names and addresses then printing.  Everything else is taken care of for you.

  • FAST Printing Option for Text-only Mail Labels and Address Labels
    • Check this option on the Print Options screen and print tens of thousands of labels with blazing fast speed.
    • NOTE: This option bypasses the "double drawing" needed for transparent and rotated images to provide direct drawing of labels directly to the printer driver.  If enabled for labels containing certain transparent, blended or rotated images or text with blended fills, the label may not print correctly.

  • New Quick Tools Panel
    • Provides access to everything you need to design, edit and print labels in one location.
    • Simple button interface to add objects, define a background, change layouts and print your label.

  • Streamlined Design Wizard
    • Now even easier to use with graphical thumbnails of all templates.
    • Select a template, fill in your personal information, select a logo and your label, envelope or post card is complete!

  • QR and PDF417 2-Dimensional Barcode support
    • Add a QR or PDF 417 bar code to your labels so your information can be scanned instantly using a smartphone.

  • USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Support
    • Full support for the new barcode used by the US Postal Service to extend/replace PostNet bar codes.
    • This one bar code contains routing code (5, 9 or 11 digits) plus a 20 character tracking number.
    • Required for bulk mail discounts from the US Postal Service.

  • Updated Label Stock Layouts
    • Now supports all known post card, envelope, mail/address label and other label layouts.

  • Streamlined Program and Layout Updates
    • Automatically check for program and layout updates.  Install them with a single click.
    • Always have the latest version.

  • Updated Windows Support
    • Now supports Windows 8 (desktop) as well as Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.