With Label Designer Plus DELUXE, you can create a great variety of unique, personalized labels. This software makes it quick and easy to create personalized labels for all your correspondence. You can design and print return address labels for all the letters you send out, which means that you no longer have to worry about whether the recipient will be able to read your hastily scribbled address at the back of the envelope! You can help the mailman, too - create personalized labels with the addresses of all your friends and family and send out legible, great-looking letters and post cards! Label Designer Plus DELUXE can be linked to virtually any database, so if you already store your addresses on your computer the process will be even less time-consuming!

Personalized labels can be used for other things, too. Design CD and DVD inserts, or attach labels with your name and address to CDs that you lend out to friends. Personalized labels with your name are also a great idea for books - there is a much greater chance that they will be returned to you after a loan if your name and address are displayed on the cover!

Furthermore, personalized labels are an added security if you use them to mark your valuables - stick one on your camera case, your laptop, or your personal stereo. A label with your name and address can be a great help if you ever happen to leave one of your belongings in an airport or on a train.

At only $39.95, Label Designer Plus DELUXE is the ideal, cost effective tool for creating personalized labels.

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