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Free Mailing Address Ship Label Software for
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Mail Label Designer lets you manage lists of addresses and quickly print address labels, mail labels, shipping labels and envelopes from them.

  • new feature Specify the number of copies of each label.

  • new feature Support for Return Address labels.

  • new feature Select individual addresses to print.

  • Super Easy - Add addresses. Select a template. Print!

  • Support for all common labels and envelopes on Letter or A4 size paper from Avery® and other manufacturers.

  • Import addresses from any database including Excel, TXT, CSV, Access and more.

  • Include US post bar codes, pictures, icons and logos.

Buy the FULL Version with unlimited address lists.

NOTE: Mail Label Designer is designed to be super simple software for creating mailing labels, shipping labels and envelopes from a template. For simplicity, it is does not contain all the features in our FULL FEATURED Label Designer Plus DELUXE software.. Label Designer Plus DELUXE allows you to design all types of labels, post cards, envelopes and more from scratch or from a template, and add your own text, images, barcodes and databases links. Click here for a free download.