Insert text and objects quickly and easily with our logbook software.

Simply press the main screen hotkey.  Once activated you can add and edit replies.

Define a Reply in Seconds

Replies can be assigned a category and an optional hotkey.  Replies can be stored with or without formatting and the built-in spell checker automatically checks the reply text for misspellings as you type.  You can also use the spell check button to check the text ad set spelling options.

Add or edit replies.

The Popup Menu Interface is a Convenient Way to Insert Replies

Canned reply software popup menu interface.

Simply press the hotkey that you define to pop up the popup menu interface right in the application your working in.  Once activated just select the reply from the popup menu and the reply text is inserted right before your eyes.

Other Great Features in Alpha Key Saver

  • Save Time and Money:

    • Avoid re-typing commonly used text for a much faster response time.
  • Eliminate Typing Errors:

    • Insert the text you need instead of continuously re-typing it.
  • Virtually Unlimited Length Replies:

    • Replies are not limited in length.

  • Multiple User Support:

    • New database engine allows multiple users to access the same file with individual record locking support.

  • Portable Install:

    • Choose the portable installation option to install to a USB flash drive or removable hard drive so you can access your replies from any computer without leaving a trace behind.

  • Plain or Formatted Replies.

    • Stores replies as plain text (so they inherit the formatting where they are inserted) or as pre-formatted text that looks the same no matter what the source formatting is.