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Canned Reply Software for
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Insert common replies and text snippets automatically.

  • Save Time and Money:

    Using keyboard shortcuts to insert canned text snippets into emails and documents saves you time and therefore, money.

  • Reduce Errors/Improve Consistency:

    Not only is typing the same reply over and over again wasteful, it leads to errors. Use our canned response software to reply with consistent and error free results.

  • Use Plain or Formatted Replies:

    Store your replies as plain text of formatted, depending on your needs.

  • Use Prompts:

    Insert place holders that prompt you for information when inserting or copying a reply.

  • Multiple User Support:

    New database engine allows multiple users to access the same file with individual record locking support.
  • DESKTOP USERS - Do you reply to a lot of email each day?  Do you regularly prepare documents with standard paragraphs?  If so, you need Alpha Key Saver.  Stop wasting time re-typing the same information over and over.  Alpha Key Saver lets you insert text snippets into any application with just a few mouse clicks, or with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

  • PORTABLE USERS - Choose the portable installation option to install to a USB flash drive or removable hard drive so you can access your replies from any computer without leaving a trace behind.

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Featured Quotes from our Customers

"I downloaded Alpha Key Saver and was up and running within 2 minutes. No problems at all. And I can't believe how much time I have saved using it. I entered just some of my standard email replies and I can already handle my tech support emails in 1/2 the time."

- Pete Altar, USA

"I use Alpha Key Saver when writing reports for my home inspection business. I defined all the standard report paragraphs as replies and now can create reports from my notes with incredible efficiency. Thanks for a great product!"

- Sindey Peters, U.K.

"This is a *great* idea. Why hasn't someone thought of this before?"

- Nancy Rossi, San Diego USA