If you spend a lot of time at the computer, chances are you're concerned about ergonomics and the effect that pro-longed sitting and typing is having on your wrists, shoulders and back. Traditional ergonomic solutions include chairs that improve your posture, alternative keyboard designs and correct positioning of the monitor. Changing your environment can certainly have an enormous beneficial effect, but sometimes the best ergonomic solutions are the simple ones.


If you type a lot and you're considering buying a new chair or replacing your keyboard, you might also be interested in ergonomic software that can actually help you type less. Alpha Key Saver is a text insertion utility that can save you an incredible amount of time by storing frequently used text in a database. With this ergonomic software, you won't have to waste time re-typing the same text over and over. If you reply to a lot of emails or frequently fill in forms on your computer, Alpha Key Saver could prove to be exactly what you need to avoid injuries in the future. The risk of repetitive strain could be greatly reduced simply by eliminating the need for repetitive keyboard use!


This ergonomic software is straightforward and simple to use. Just enter the frequently used text, type a description and set a keyboard macro, then press the hotkey from within any application to insert the text automatically. Another benefit of using our ergonomic software is that typing errors will be a thing of the past. The built-in spell checker checks your text once, before you save it. You can then rest assured that it is error free every time you use it.


To see how our ergonomic software can help you, download a free 30-day trial version.


Here's what one of the satisfied users of Alpha Key Saver said:


"I use Alpha Key Saver when writing reports for my home inspection business. I defined all the standard report paragraphs as replies and now can create reports from my notes with incredible efficiency. Thanks for a great product!"


This ergonomic software includes a popup menu interface.

Our ergonomic software includes a Popup Menu Interface - a convenient way to insert replies.


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