New in V9.5.0.0 (01-28-2015)

  • MPD now includes everything in Alpha Journal Pro, except Synchronization and the Web App companion.


New in V9.3.1.0 (10-01-2014)


  • Added Filtered Entry Report
  • Added Organizer Add-On


New in V9.3.0.0 (08-14-2014)


  • Entries where not auto-saved when switching entries using Previous Years Entry panel.


New in V9.0.0.0 (04-11-2014)


  • The Re-birth of My Personal Diary
  • Lightening FAST full text searching and filtering.
  • Previous Years Entry Panel to show snippets of what was written in years past.
  • UI redesign for easier navigation and filtering.
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 32/64 bit support.