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How can I use metric units instead of inches to specify layouts?

When I add an object, change its properties then insert another object, I have to make the changes again. In previous versions the program remembered the properties so when I insert a new object the properties are automatically used. How can I do this?

When I create a new design the first screen shows an option for a standard card or for advanced options. I always use the advanced options. Is there a way to skip this step?


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See How Fast it is to Create a Business Card using the Design Wizard.


This tutorial shows you how easy and fast it is to create business card using the Design Wizard.



Changing the Font and Color Scheme of a Business Card Template in the Design Wizard.


This tutorial shows you how to change the font and/or color scheme of a business card template using the Design Wizard.


Insert a Rich Text Object with Formatting.


This tutorial shows you how to insert rich formatted text object into a design. Rich text can include formatting on a character by character basis, as opposed to a plain text object where all the text within it is formatted the same.