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Can I print directly to a CD/DVD?

When I print a sheet, the designs are not aligned correctly. What should I do?

I'm trying to print a design so that the ink bleeds over the edges so the entire design is covered. When I print, the printout appears cut off around the edge of the design. This did not happen in the last version I had. How can I fix this?

Can I print my design on a tractor-feed/thermal printer (Dymo/Zebra)?

I want to have the designs I created printed professionally. How can I do this?

Can I start printing at a specific location on a page?

I have a text object that is centered or right justified on the screen but when I print it is not aligned correctly. WHy?

When I try to print my design containing graphics nothing prints or I receive an error. What's wrong?

I have my design created and I'm ready to print it, but I want to print it on a paper stock that has a different layout than the one I originally designed it for. Do I have to re-create my entire design?

My printer will not print my design at all. The printer icon appears and there is no error message, but nothing prints. What should I do?

When I print some objects do not print at all. They display fine on the screen. What's wrong?

When I print some text objects do not print on all the elements on the page. They display fine on the screen. What's wrong?

Can I print different labels on the same sheet, such as for mailing labels or name badges?


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Creating Labels or Envelopes from the Built-in Address Book


This tutorial shows you how to create a label or envelope that will print addresses from the built-in address book in just a few clicks.


Manually Creating a Label Containing Fields from a Database


This tutorial shows you how to create a label with fields from any database, including an Excel XLS, XLSX, CSV, Access file.


Inserting Multiple Fields in a Single Text Object - Method 1.


This tutorial shows you how to insert multiple database fields into a single text object using the Build Field Wizard.


Insert a Rich Text Object with Formatting.


This tutorial shows you how to insert rich formatted text object into a design. Rich text can include formatting on a character by character basis, as opposed to a plain text object where all the text within it is formatted the same.