New in build 24.3.0 - 03-04-2024


  • Windows 11 update
  • Web app integration update
  • Several bug fixes



New in build 23.3.0 - 03-07-2023


  • Added tips to pictures panel items to show descriptions
  • New emoji icons
  • Windows 11 update
  • Web app integration update
  • Fixed bug in scroller for Section tabs



New in build 22.9.0 - 09-20-2022


  • Show icon on Page tabs to indicate if there is an entry for the corresponding Page
  • Web app integration update
  • Misc changes



New in build 22.6.0 - 06-03-2022


  • Updated integration for new web app
  • Misc changes



New in build 22.2.0 - 03-01-2022


  • Windows 11 support
  • Added entry save history log (Admin->Entry Properties)
  • Improvements to synchronization
  • Download from WAPP fix for garbling with some encoded characters
  • WAPP server-side updates (ongoing)
  • Misc bug fixes



New in build 21.1.0 - 01-04-2021


  • Table support
  • All new Emoji icons.
  • Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+P to quickly minimize or hide.
  • Improved modern UI.
  • Bug fixes.



New in V6 (build 030) - 10-15-2018


  • Option to show sections tabs on top.
  • Remember last tab on tool panel.
  • Remember print options.
  • Stopped font change after inserting picture.



New in V6 (build 020) - 12-05-2017


  • Word count.
  • Fixed a glitch when creating a new template that caused erroneous dates to be show in the entry list.
  • Minor updates for compatibility with Windows 10 Fall Creator's update



New in V6 (build 010) - 10-03-2017


  • Support for text highlight color in the editor.
  • Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctlr+Tab now cycles through sections.
  • Accelerator keys for tabs on main toolbar.
  • Minor bug fixes



New in V6 (07-01-2017)


This is a major upgrade that includes Windows 10 support and new features and improvements, including:


  • Multiple users per database with entry level permissions (read-only, no view, etc).
  • Support for rotating inserted pictures.
  • Customizable login picture.
  • Improved UI with new home, search and browse toolbars.
  • Improved Windows 10 support.
  • BUGFIX: Problems with section add/delete when order set.
  • BUGFIX: Edit->Find gives focus error if entry tree is hidden.
  • BUGFIX: Back/Ahead month/year gave exception if last day not in next/prev



New in V5.5.1.0 (07-22-2015)

  • Improved Windows 10 support.
  • Minor changes to default options as per multiple requests.
  • Automatic prompt to create a new journal database on first use.
  • Other minor fixes/changes.


New in V5.5.0.0 (01-28-2015)

  • Improves searching so you can now press F3 to easily move to the next occurrence across multiple entries.
  • Adds Search Text Favorites


New in V5.4.0.1 (09-21-2014)

  • Fixed a problem with entries that were downloaded from the Web App not printing when printing multiple entries on a single page.

    NOTE: If you have entries that were downloaded from the WAPP prior to this update you will need to open, modify and save each entry manually so that it is saved properly. Entries downloaded with this update and later will be saved and print correctly automatically.


New in V5.4.0.0 (09-09-2014)

  • Web App Integration (Download from Web App on the File menu)
  • Now use the Web App companion (WAPP) to record entries while away from the desktop then download them when you return!


New in V5.3.0.0 (07-25-2014)

  • Filtered Entry Report (more...)- Now list entries in search results with snippets and filter text highlighted.
  • BUGFIX: Buttons, radios and check boxes disappeared from dialog boxes when ALT key pressed
  • BUGFIX: Locking option when hidden in system tray prompts for password, but must be left blank.
  • BUGFIX: Entries where not auto-saved when switching entries using Previous Years Entry panel.


New in V5.2.0.0 (05-30-2014)

  • BUGFIX: Synchronization failed to update remote file in some cases


New in V5.1.0.0 (02-26-2014)

  • Improved entry tree updating when adding and deleting entries
  • UI tweaks for smoother operation adding/deleting sub-entries and free-form entries
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with entries being added to wrong year in entry tree
  • BUGFIX: Bold days not being updated when more than two months displayed in calendar
  • BUGFIX: Fixed AV when canceling from trial screen on some versions of Windows
  • BUGFIX: Organizer add-on icon was blank


New in V5.0.0.0 (01-14-2014)

  • Lightening FAST full text searching and filtering.
  • Support for unlimited sub-entries per dated entry.
  • Previous Years Entry Panel to show snippets of what was written in years past.
  • More powerful templates.
  • UI redesign for easier navigation and filtering.
  • Windows 8/8.1 32/64 bit support.



New in V4.0.1.0 (03-07-2011)

  • BUGFIX: Entry data file was limited to 60 new entries even after activation.


New in V4.0.0.0 (02-04-2011)

  • Windows 7 32/64 bit support.
  • Portable installation option now works on Windows 7/Vista/XP (32/64 bit).
  • Spell check now allows adding words to custom dictionaries.
  • Improved backup/restore system including dated backups.
  • Option to view multiple month in the calendar at one time.
  • Plain text files now synchronize with the mobile version.
  • Various other changes and fixes.



New in V3.6.2.0

  • Fixed problem with todo list in organizer add-on starting up automatically
  • Fixed problem with synchronization on Windows Vista


New in V3.6.1.0

  • Screen position saving for multi-monitor systems
  • Only allow restore on open screen if file is not already open
  • Better arrangement of Search Panel
  • Fixed export problem on Vista (writes to program files folder)
  • BUG: Trial count problem in portable version
  • BUG: Appearance colors not working correctly


New in V3.6.0.0

  • Windows Vista support
  • Misc bug fixes and other changes.


New in V3.5.1.0

  • Added support for the organizer add-on (formerly Alpha Organizer)
  • Improved export responsiveness when exporting large number of entries
  • Improved responsiveness when synchronizing large number of entries
  • Improved synchronization
  • Improved online help


New in V3.5.0.0

  • Option to reduce size of picture before insertion
  • BUG: When searching multiple entries, search returns to the current date instead of currently selected entry
  • BUG: Title text color set to same color as title background by default
  • BUG: Get proper temp file so AJ can be run from folder that does not have write access