Alpha Journal Pro lets you keep a secure diary, journal or log for personal or business use. Record and view entries on your Windows® desktop computer or through the online web app using any mobile device (iphone, android phone, ipad, tablet).

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Organize the Way You Want with Multiple Journal Sections, Free-Form and Sub Entries

With our journal writing software, each dated entry can contain multiple pages.

Each journal can contain multiple sections, which are like entirely separate journals within a single journal database.  Each section consists of dated entries, with sub-entries and free-form entries, which are not specific to any date.  Section tabs are shown at the top, above the title bar.  The title bar allows you to switch between dated and free-form entries, browse entries and create/select the sub/free-form entry.

Find the Journal Entries you Need Quickly and Easily

A powerful search system allows you to search any or all journal entries, for a word, phrase.  Refine your search using a date range and/or matching Sub-Entry name with or without Free-Form entries included.  The results shown in the Entry Tree comprise a filtered subset of entries that can be browsed, printed or exported.

For further detail click the Filtered Entry Report button to display a list of snippets from each entry with your search text highlighted.

Write Where and When you Want. Sync Multiple Databases or Download Entries from the Online Web App

Keep multiple copies of your entries on different computers (for example, a laptop and a desktop, home or work computer, etc) and synchronize them to keep your entries up to date at all times across multiple locations.

The online web app companion allows you to record entries using any mobile device (iPhone, Android, Windows, iOS, ext.) while away from your desktop then download those entries into your local journal database later.

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Flexible Printing with Print Preview

Print and/or preview any or all entries with or without entry dates added.  You can select which entries to print or use the results of a search.  Entries can be printed back to back or each starting on a new page.  You can specify page options including orientation, header, footer, margins and page numbering.

Easily Browse Entries by Date or Entry

Move forward or backward by day, month or year or by existing entry.  Jump to the first or last entry or to any other date with just a few clicks.  Dates that have entries are shown in bold to make identifying them easy.

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More Great Features in Alpha Journal Pro


  • All journal databases can be securely protected by a password. All data contained in the journal database is encrypted making it virtually impossible for anyone to open the journal without the correct password.  We consider this a requirement to safeguard your privacy if you want to use it and comes standard with our journal software.  There is nothing extra to buy to enable secure password protection.


  • Use the online web app companion to record your entries online while away from your desktop then download them into your local database later

  • Use the portable install option to install to a USB flash drive or removable hard drive so you can access your journal from any computer without leaving a trace behind.  You can even host your journal database on a cloud drive (dropbox, skydrive, google drive, etc.) for a truly portable experience.


  • Add Text, Pictures, Sounds and Other Objects: Our journal software allows you to insert pictures and other objects so your journal can be more than just text.
  • Templates: Our journal software lets you create templates to base all new dated entries on.
  • Multiple Journals:  Let the whole family use the same copy of our diary software to keep a diary for each member of the family.  Each one can be stored under a different name with a different password so there is no worry that one person will read the other's diary.

Organizer Add-On

  • The Organizer includes a Password Vault to securely store account information and passwords, an Address Book to store contact information and a To-Do List to track thing that need to be done. You can find out more about the organizer add-on here

Spell Checker and Thesaurus

  • The built-in spell checker and thesaurus add-on keeps you on your toes for spelling and grammar perfect entries.  Spelling dictionaries for many languages and the thesaurus is available on the download page.