I'm often asked, "Why would I buy your software to print my own business cards when I can use Photoshop® or Microsoft Word®."  My response is simple - Because it will save you time, money and frustration.  After all, Would you use a fork to eat soup when you could use a spoon.  You can do it, but it harder, takes longer and you will probably waste a lot.

Let's talk first about Photoshop and other graphic editor software.

Photoshop and the other graphic editors are great for editing graphics (pictures, logos, artwork, etc.), but when it comes to printing, it leaves much to be desired.  If you can't print your business card, then what is point.  Sure, you can create a great looking business card design with Photoshop, but try printing a sheet of 10 cards.  You'll have to make 10 copies of the image and align them all correctly. If you want to create a full-bleed design that covers the entire card without margins then you will have to adjust of bleeding (over printing) yourself.  Additionally, if you change the design you have to change it in 10 places.

Now let's consider Word or a similar word processing programs.

I don't really understand why anyone would use a word processor to make business cards, but then again, I sell software specifically designed to create business cards, so why would I understand.  There are templates available for Word for popular business card paper stock, so unlike a graphic editor, you get some help with print alignment.  It usually isn't perfect, nor easy to correct, but it's a start.  When it comes to tools for designing, a word processor is lacking.  You can add a background and some text relatively easily, but that's about all.  In addition, you have the same problems as with a graphic editor in that you have to create multiple copies of the design to fill each card on the sheet.  Again, if you make a change you have to replicate it multiple times, every time!

Business card software combines the design tools and the printing.  You create the design once with a suite of design tools and the software handles printing it properly.  It does not matter if you want to print on standard 10-up business card paper stock or a paper-saving 12-up layout or an 8-up full bleed design.  Once the card is designed you can print it on any paper you want.  You can even save it as a graphic file to send to a professional printer for printing or to email to business associates.

In summary, there are many options for printing your own business cards.  You can use a graphic editor, such as Photoshop or a word processor, such as Word, or you can use a program specifically designed for creating business cards, such as our Business Card Designer Plus software.  The small price you pay for a dedicated business card design program will save you time in the long run and in business, times is money!

Good luck!

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