If you want to keep a diary on your computer, you'll be pleased to hear how easy it is with Alpha Journal Pro. This computer diary software makes it possible to keep a safe, protected diary - on your desktop. It looks and feels like a real paper diary, but comes with a number of additional, useful features. Suitable for home and business users alike, this computer diary is powerful yet surprisingly affordable, for only $39.95.


This computer diary offers you all the flexibility of a paper diary, and more. Match your entries to your moods - choose somber fonts and dark colors for moments of despair, and use bubblier, brighter alternatives when you've got something particularly pleasant to report! You can also insert smiley's and icons, ensuring that each entry reflects your state of mind.

Choose fonts and colors for your computer diary!

Match your entries to your moods - this computer diary lets you choose fonts, colors and more!


Password protect your computer diary!

Password protect your computer diary to make sure nobody else reads your entries!

Alpha Journal also lets you have fun in a way that a paper diary never could. Did you have a good day at the beach with your friends? If you brought your camera with you, you'll be happy to hear that Alpha Journal lets you add photos to your diary! Do you have a recorded message from a special friend, or perhaps there's a music track that you can't get out of your head at the moment? Add sounds to your computer diary - when you look back and discover them in a year or two, you'll be happy you did.


Another benefit of using a computer diary is the added safety and security. Alpha Journal has an integrated backup system which ensures that your entries won't be lost, and the password protection feature means that nobody will be able to read your entries unless you want them to.

If you've got a lot of dates and times to remember, you'll appreciate the fact that Alpha Journal also works just like a regular journal. This computer diary is great for keeping track of birthdays, appointments and other important dates.


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Over the years, we've received a lot of positive feedback for our computer diary. Here's what one satisfied user said:


"This is the perfect program for me. It is so convenient and I feel like you read my mind, saw my needs, and said, "Here is your program". Thanks for a wonderful product."


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