If you're looking for personal journal software that feels like a real paper journal but offers considerable power and flexibility, Alpha Journal Pro is exactly what you need. This personal journal software is perfectly suited to home users who want to keep a journal where they can record thoughts, feelings, dreams, or anything else that is important to them. With this personal journal software, entries can be kept safe and secure with the help of the password protection feature. Thanks to the flexible printing ability of Alpha Journal, entries can also be printed out and shared with others.


This personal journal software is not only flexible and easy to use - it is good fun! Let your creative juices flow as you choose fonts, colors and styles for your personal journal. Add photos or sound files to your journal entries to make sure that you remember everything about a certain day or event. If you use the Pocket PC version of our personal journal software, you can take your journal with you wherever you go. With the Pro version, you can synchronize entries between your desktop and your Pocket PC, ensuring that no entry is ever lost or forgotten.


Concerned about losing your personal journal if your computer is struck by a virus or encounters a hard drive problem? With Alpha Journal, you don't need to worry! This personal journal software has a powerful, integrated backup system which ensures that your entries will be kept safe.


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"I can't imagine anyone who would not be as pleased as I am with your software. It is the best money I have spent on software in some time."


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Alpha Journal diary program.


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